Principal/pedagogue Christine and pedagogue Roger are two of the pioneers

Exciting to feed starving mallards...

Excursion! Yay, but shoes are tiresome! I'll make it before we go.  Wonder if this junction will be finished this year?
Good God there are helpful friends

Throughout the year, children play in this slope


Let's examine the environment...after a five to ten minutes walk, a huge nature reservation is found! A beech
forest, watercourse and lots of animals.



After the walk around the reservation, we are back to residential areas
Autumn is slowly approaching...

...and vegetation adapts

...but many days are still warm

We pick plants and watch them grow

Workshop visit for the older children, under Roffe's supervision. Protection for ears and eyes when needed!

Learning numbers is interesting, painting too. Or why not just tune on an exciting gadget?

Workout is good for the motor skill (even for Christine and Roger). Afterwards we play with a medieval castle

Time for excursions again! Much to discover, even beavers in "our" pond

Winter is around the corner...

First snow of the season, already on november 4...

Christmas greetings from twelve JAS 39 Gripen fighters of the Swedish Air Force.
On the monday before - 3 pm exactly - was the howling Hesa Fredrik heard.
Thus, lots of defence stuff this week

Lunch in Christmas spirit. The children scrape their plates and assist in washing-up afterwards

Many new children to enroll. Reconstruction is needed...

Everybody wants to help. Old and young