Newly employed
  We welcome Jonna Lagerkvist! With several years in the profession, she'll be both an asset and a wanted
relief for our staff, now as Delfinen grows.
  New homepage
  Many news on the website. The most important:
  • High security against intrusion
    All traffic to and from our cloud server, and to anyone browsing the website, is encrypted (so called SSL certificate)
    As opposed to unsecure pages, a lock is visible on your browser -> 

  • Loggning in, My pages
    In addition to the staff, you as a relative have now been given a login to change your personal information.

    (You'll receive your login credentials shortly. Make sure to change the password!)

  • Monthly letters
    As soon as possible after each month's end, we present what the children have done during the month.

  • Electronic invoices
    As a custodian, you can now view and download your fee invoices. In the near future, we will try to send a text message
    to you for every new fee that is added to My pages. This is, among other things, to reduce the environmental impact due to unnecessary paper printing.

  Updated on December 2, 2019