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 Visiting address:
Strömsbergsvägen 33
553 08 Jönköping
(commonly named Blå huset, i.e. "The Blue House")
 Significant for Delfinens förskola:
  • Holds 32 children, age 1-5 years
  • Fairytale like nature - just 10 minutes walk to a nature reservation with lots of plants and animals
  • No disturbing or dangerous nearby motor traffic
  • Easy to reach with all transportation - unless maybe by air or sea...
  • Experienced personnel. Long time preschool work. Appreciated by the children
  • As needed, newly taken on personnel become educated in pedagogic documentation, children's influence, curriculum intentions and goals, etc
  • Effective IT systems reducing bureaucracy and increasing transparency toward parents and city
  • Special attention on areas of science, math and everyday technology
  • Focus on children security, indoors and outdoors
  • Private ("fristående"), i.e. not city owned or controlled
 Updated July 4 2020