Frequently asked questions 
  1. You assure small children groups. How can you manage this issue when the commune often fails?
Ridgid cost awareness, short command paths, a small if any bureaucracy, a principal not afraid of conflicts, and an experienced, willing and seasoned work team (as of now six teachers).
All in all, we are very effective and can afford a somewhat larger personnel count than what is usual in the commune.
After all, the composition of the child group is crucial for its size, i.e. how children relations develop to themselves and to the personnel. This is impossible to know in advance. However, experienced personnel handle this issue smoothly.

2. Any particular profile? Christian, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf etc?
None particular. We follow the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) preschool curriculum (link). However, we do try hard to give the children a good basic platform when it comes to language, science, math and everyday technology. We cooperate with several dedicated people "back stage" who are professionals in these fields.

3. Opening hours?
06:00-18:00 Monday-Friday
Except for general vacations (July), general holidays and two education days per semester.

4. How about the fees?
We apply 20 % discount on Jönköping commune's prices: Link to the communal fees
Apart from that we provide free diapers!

5. How do you handle feeding?
Breakfast and snacks are handled by our personnel. Lunch is supplied by a nearby catering firm.

6. Who are behind Delfinens förskola?
The company is an incorporated private enterprise.

7. I can't send my interest submission!
Please send a simple report about what happended.
No site is completely bug free, but a not uncommon error is that the browser disallows running of javascripts. This might be the case if you use a public computer. This site functions badly without javascripts.
Do any of these alternatives:
a) Handle this on your own by using the informationen here.
b) Ask a systems manager to change the browser settings to allow javascripts.
c) Use a computer without this limitation.
d) If none of the above applies, please send a mail with the submission form data to Be sure to include all mandatory fields of the form.

8. I'd like to change from a communal preschool to Delfinen. How do I do it?
Generally you should terminate the place through the commune's Barnwebb.
Reversely if you terminate an enrollment with us, we apply the same notice as Jönköping's commune, i.e. 1 month after we received a written notice.

9. It's been said about Delfinen that it is "professional and cozy". What does that mean?
Several parents are surprised over our professionalism, together with the coziness that has evolved.
This emanates from long experience combined with warm caring for the children. We really listen to them and see them.
The parents have often said that they wish this feeling to remain even when Delfinen expands. We have promised this to be so.

10. Have you implemented the new European Union legislation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?
We are in the forefront of this. Several pages in our site refer to GDPR (e.g Lediga jobb (Swedish version) and Choose Delfinen).
Our entire data system (18 different registers) was reviewed.

 Updated Nov 8, 2021