A day with us 
  This is what a day may look like at Delfinen

8 a.m. breakfast.

Gymnastics, play and other activities after that.

Just after 9 we gather:
  • We examine today's weekday and what to do during the day. We apply a study concept that many other private and communal preschools use, namely that each weekday is assigned its own color. This makes it easier for the children to adopt the day and week concepts.
  • Adopted to age, we do numbering and solve easy math tasks, or look at something exciting in the computer.
  • Singing, rhymes and chants.
  • Occasionally we celebrate a birthday.
  • We end the gathering with fresh fruit.
Time for outdoor stay (if weather permits).
Walking to the pond to feed mallards with left-overs, or maybe a bus tour to the City Library.
We practise holding hands and walking in line until we reach a gravel pathway that is shut off from motor traffic.
The children are strolling around there on their own, and look for nice rocks, sticks, flowers, frogs etc.
Then back to the courtyard for play until lunch.

11:30 a.m. lunch

After lunch the small children are put to sleep while we read books for the older children.
  • When storybooks and naps are through, the children play, paint, assemble pearls etc.
  • We examine what we found during the morning walk: if a rock "needs" some paint, we paint it.
  • We bring water paint out in the open, should the weather allow it, or maybe just have fun with a compost box,
    before filling it.
  • In case of bad weather, you can always find something fun to do.
2:30 p.m. snack
We decide to go inside to eat since a stubborn little ”friend” from the wasp genus also wants a snack.

That's how a Delfinen day may look like. The next day could be somewhat different except for the fixed routines.

 Updated July 4, 2020