More information on the activities  
  Environment, facilities
  The environment is simply fantastic.

The school playground which is far from disturbing motor traffic, is adjacent to the Strömsbergs Forest (which elicits curiousness in both children and teachers to examine).
The vicinity to the Strömsbergs Pond and its animal life with domestic cattle such as cows and sheep, makes a clear rural impression.

The indoors environment is planned entirely according to children needs. The premises, from the beginning intended for preschool activities, are neatly planned to suite the Delfinen activities.
  Children groups
  The school holds 32 children, 1-5 years of age, divided in two departments.
All children can be seen and their needs fulfilled, with such small group sizes.
  Direction, etc
  We run a traditional preschool, guided by the national curriculum and other steering documents.
  The curriculum talks about goals. They are interwoven into the activities so that they may be adopted by the children and be further developed. The areas are e.g:
  • language
  • communication
  • mathematics
  • science
  • technology
All preschools are challenged to make these areas interesting for the children, so as to get them to participate in plays and learning towards them. Delfinen's personnel master a big and indispensable experience here.
  Playing, learning and care
  Playing is essential for children to learn things. At the same time, they must be given security and gain trust to the personnel.
Both children and parents must enjoy coming to Delfinens förskola.
This summarizes our ambition.
  Updated July 4, 2020