Browsers, etc  
  A. The reason that for instance the dolphins in the left margin of the start page don't animate while moving the mouse pointer over them, could be that running of javascripts is disabled in your browser.
Move the pointer over the little dolphin above and test the browser settings. If it animates all is OK.

You should allow running of javascripts even if nowadays the texts following the dolphins are linked and clickable. Like the majority of websites, to function well this site is also dependent on java technology.
This is particularly true for the webform Choose Delfinen.

This is how you enable your browser to run javascripts:

1. Microsoft Edge. Normally set to allow this but if not, follow the instructions here.
2. IE (Internet Explorer)
3. Chrome
4. Firefox
5. Opera
6. Safari

More information for the most common browsers will be found here or here.

B. To facilitate site navigation it is assumed that so called Session cookies are enabled by the
browser. The browser settings handle this also. Read more under the link: All about cookies